They have suggested what they have accomplished eventually is a public setting where I had been taught a lesson and shown that they led while I followed – I wouldn’t know anyway, we know what happens is that a persons religious beliefs are not a stage by which their academic concerns should be decided and they had taken up 12 years of my time on their popularity insolence to make that decision for me, which they now garnish with Office space, Office bloc, Office window insults that had since spilled onto the streets while complaining about the bottom chasing issues – this then plays into that stupid you, me, the employers and the bottom chasing issues gimmicks, by which my company upon going public with it is said to be something I should not be doing, because it was an opportunity that had existed because others had jobs in top companies, which jobs then produced such an opportunity as their wives and children ought to deploy to earn some extra pocket money and not me. I do not think that they would do very well in an instance where this nonsense had either produced an outcome where I needed to ensure celebrity security guards and zealous paparazzi, were unable to prevent them from taking back the social mess they saddle my public life with and were unable to stop me making them take it back. I think as such that the next time they make mention of such issues, it will be decided on two fronts: one being another instance where celebrity idiots and every twat that is thrilled about their existence claimed one more time that they had access to my Office and Hermitage and used their access to it to decide how the public used it and will now use it to decide how I behaved towards them, while the other half of it will be that the same behaviour was being channelled towards my Books. I do get told it’s the Politicians making a mess and their own is the old story of showing up at Parliament to cling to other peoples incomes, then return to constituencies to pick up business with a handful of fools that rip up careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, only to show up and cling to my earnings, decide what fighting I should be doing and speak of stupid opportunities where it got to be a damsel in distress at my expense – so it was rather confident I could never get imagination up its anus endlessly for it as well. 

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It appears complications on the talks have been developed around the fact that a handful of people in the USA who had decided their incomes must be derived from US influence, had reached the end of their cheque. That it is usually a better option to the option of getting a real job, to set back others academically and at Market, such that people usually think those activities are not worthy of attention until they had placed money at the market place to develop leverage that allowed people to trade as though the victims had lost something important, until the market prophesy fulfil itself, while the main problem at that stage becomes the fact they had developed a safe distance from which to damage the businesses and earnings of victims, issuing threats that are meant to be linked to the size of the US Military. Not exactly clear where they develop the motivation to get careers worked out in this way but it is not uncommon, to see families regiment their social lives into the women who get into trouble with them and the Men who attack them first and ask questions later, in the USA itself.

The matter of Internet tax on the other hand being mired in this as the facts about the way the internet operates are at risk of being swept under the Carpet.

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Of recent we have seen the tendency for people to discuss my mental health which beats the imagination since the comparison to them is that I had to wade the pressure of their perverted interest me with a process of remembering what I was thinking if I wanted to place it in a Book that others would pay hard earned part of their incomes for, which then meant that I had to recite what I was thinking to ensure I remembered it – at which stage I realised that doing so placed immense pressure on the ‘we want to have two career at any given time’ idiots, leaving me with a habit of doing it all the time, to seem as if I speak to myself on a regular basis. For their part, they were mentally sound if they have spent the last five years of my time, working what is an intellectual property administration business that operates on property and create equity, in such a way that they picked up my assets to create products while they placed on their stupid sugar babies that ran off publicity to suggest the equity was no longer mine and their idiocy had achieved a lifelong ambition of making me work for them if I needed a proper job, hence the publicity to suggest that I am meant to protect them, to cover their backsides while they hung about seeking affection from the random crowd, on account their stupidities were famous. Hence five years of my time down the drain, all I have got is publicity for my work, associated with their need to exhibit their stupid selves all over it, hanging about selling me for a living and picking up my assets to play up some candy from a baby gimmicks, five years of my time that is gone. It is all developing into something of an official clash with Celebrities as currently what happens is that when they complain of state provided security getting imagination up their bums, I am never seen suggesting it is being done for my welfare, so I need to start working this processes on an Official capacity, to ensure they showed up here to read what I have written if they wanted to find out about me, not sell me for a living and set about building their own version of me lazily, before setting off to decide what my mental health was. We see this nonsense play out all the time when we start to explore the reasons that most murderous psychopaths lived in idyllic neighbourhoods – the nature of the thing as it were. My creative equity and property equity intellectual property administration business was meant to work in terms of process of the Trust system being a point at which people got to design products for consumers in a way that kept the consumers away from Public problems that was really the domain of government and those who worked its various Offices but apparently, some part are so beautiful that mentally sound idiots want to sell me for a living and I have ended up cash strapped for it, if the idiots are not weeping and wailing in Hospital just yet. So this is all a product of their need to be and feel everything; if there is Queen they were Queens too, if there is a Prime Minister, they were Prime Ministers too, if there is a President, they were presidents too, it ensured that they owned the Country but at some stage, the idiots had to make a decision about a reality in which they were none of these things and I am all too familiar with this point since I tend to end up paying the price for it and none lives like this without consequences, none has people live like this at their expense without consequences – the story of those who realise they are not Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents, therefore need to spend more time working on what they know and doing it properly, being open to harm that causes them to turn towards criminal violence because areas of their lives were open to these fools, who now question my mental wellbeing, while they are at it again i.e. skewer my Bookshop to chase big parties and expensive things, will not get a real job and cease selling me for a living.


The story to come from the USA these days is that the British never do what they are told and prefer to make excuses endlessly. What we know however on the other hand is that of the stupidities I must put up with for instance, there is none worse than those gimmicks at Hollywood where I am being discriminative and criminals were nice people, so these insulting stories about excuses naturally is heading towards an outcome where there were responses for the fact, they made it very personal indeed. It is a story we see all the time – a hand full of idiots with ideas about how the British will serve them, something of a need to get naturalised in the USA in order to attain access to a bigger and more powerful Country for it; the most recent insults where that is concerned is that they were building social, industrial and political movements on the basis of me being seen to do something concerning a process of pulling something out of peoples arses really well and they demanded a personal service from it and its not work I want to do, so they need it done and know where my Books are located. They are not the only ones – there is the European Royalty with a need to get barely sane poor idiots from areas of the world where they were too lazy to work on existing Political influence, since the business of getting things done on the basis of wealth and social inequality was more important, to follow me around and make a mess of my social life like we were mates and then the Germans who have now become women, hanging around somewhere feeling themselves to get imagination up my bum over their money issues all day long, who are aware their actions came with causality but preferred to take the risk and run off very abusive, familiar and insulting short videos their stupidities claimed to be advertisement to get rich pushing up my stress levels with civil disobedience. 

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Work and Career — Persuasive forces

The need to remind me I am an annoying character is obviously constant but coming from a handful of people who keep me on Universal Credit, so they might claim my literary empire only exists in my head, conduct tribalism raids to get to the top offices at Industry, make public obfuscation about my diet and generally set about running me down at Public identity right up to country fraternisation, leading to a 6 year process of putting up with financial complications that are not due to my incompetence of laziness but entirely the fact they were being popular, I think that I am rather on a very low point on the ladder when it comes to the scale of annoying people. Living on Universal Credit (Government support) was never really a problem as such, since we know that most of their stupidities are built up from finding out what my worries about doing so was, the same way they had a need to perform my National service and make sacrifices on it, to show up talking nonsense about what they were entitled to on account they were brave. The problems associated with the continued receipt of Universal Credit support being entirely a matter of cliches, which then makes me an annoying person.


This story comes up again and again, the sheer arrogance of people who think I can take them on, over and over but I wouldn’t know anyway; the reasons we are doing this is entirely because I cannot do a thing on my own schedule on account that the stupidities of media, Celebrities, culture and society gits had financial needs – their need for entitlement is so great that they fundamentally set about alongside their city centre idiots, recreating everything that would have happened if I wrote my Books and somebody else stole it to present to the world as another person’s creation, after the Books were published and placed on the Market environment – we know that if this ended up in the Law Courts, they would pay the compensation and show up at the other end with this big mouth literally but I am not doing law court because they talk too much, I want raw, rudimentary and very hurtful processes that will match my reputation and make sense of what will become of their abusive but obsessive interest in me, when it leads to outcomes in which they handed over all that allows them carry on without the smell issues, and will get it back over my dead body to say the least. We are just talking now because I wish to figure out if this process where a three year period was spent on building a Bookshop, while they ran off abusive practical jokes that were only amusing to their stupidities behind me and once the Bookshop was finished, the Public on account of the Bookshop was interested in something else, which set the stage for the media stupidities and a sense their dream that I would live in fear that their need for entitlement will extent to my income margins will have been realised – so they do say that the years in which I had done nothing about it was the encouragement for their actions because it showed there was nothing I could do and it is quite unprecedented; an indication it’s not possible to draw a line on it and move on, an indication that I need to make sense of their interest in me over the past 18 years, help to resolve what happened to my academic performance at University over it etc and reach a workable conclusion that will ensure they understood their disobedient place in society very well indeed as it were.

The rest of the time we hear that they were all insane and it was my fault and how this disputes what people say about the fact I can take them on, beats the imagination.

It has always been a thing with these annoying characters who think they are better than everybody else; when the Church meets in a setting that tended to suggest those who were in a meeting were better than everybody else, we do not feel it at all – when the Government does it is a statement being made about others getting involved to create conditions where somebody grabbed the job and they were found complaining about civil rights later on – when these idiots meet they pride themselves in being annoying characters that are out of other people’s league but have now found way to work the annoyance that they enjoy the most i.e. being annoying around my Bills and finances, the bank account now have a mind of its own, while their need to claim those who suggest I can take them on are arrogant gets out of hand and it will never listen unless something bad happened and it goes without saying when the fight begins, they will then wish that I did it the way that allowed them carry on with what mattered the most, which will never happen.

They boast about controlling my finances all the time and it’s a problem that can be easily managed if I set out deterrence processes and hit them until I got them off my case which I really do not wish to spend time on, if my energies were better directed at writing Books but we see how the claim they controlled my finances plays into the idea the years they had not gotten a response from me showed there was nothing I could do about them, gets to decide how this ended if we are counting years of nauseating financial complications that is causes and I must be a living breathing human being anticipating those years. They love those claims I am doing this now because I had support from the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; the time line is 2007 University studies was botched, 2009 I finished my first Book, 2012, years of Celebrity abuses to trash my finances and make me work for them had finally arrived at a stage where they knew it was futile, 2013, direct destruction of my Books had taken off which is criminal activity but we know that nobody has suffered for it yet as far, 2015 – 2016 and I got myself involved with private security industry where the whole thing got completely out of hand, 2017 to 2019, I spent time working on a Bookshop which came to a farce on account they had been playing practical jokes with it – this was the last straw. It does this all the time and claim that victims cannot take on its stupidities and that of its children; the prognosis is still a process where it does filthy things to get to top industry Offices and then there is competition and competition, whereby people do not want to share the consequences with its stupidities, while its children show up somewhere stuck between shop managers and customers, dealing with their smell issues by telling me how to exist and getting imagination up my bum which has now become my main preoccupation. I have never seen a thing like it, whereby the years I had done nothing about them indicated I was incapable of doing anything, providing their stupidities license to carry on. I do get told that I miss the point that this is all about money all of the time but I don’t; it has always been about money – they have a very unusual understanding of the existence of money, such things as people getting in touch with Public transport operatives who wreck your career pointing criminals towards where you live because you fell back on your rent and your landlord needed to have you punished etc, trashing my Bookshop to pick up service processes and set about building me publicity that says I should be protecting them while they sold sex and violence that I got involved with and are hoping to do for instance etc – all fabulous ideas about money that means that they got to make more of it and there is no part that allows the victims any sort of succour, solace or consolation – it makes sense of what becomes of instances where neo liberalists and the Labour Party spend tax payer funds wrecking my finances so they might fight for my civil rights and is not really something that gets people dropping out of University save when Celebrities were deciding how the victims such as myself ought to exist as well, so it does go without saying the idiots needed to stop handling me, otherwise it’s their big mouth wagging with the career abuse comments and distant violence.


The suggestion that mine is the worst behaviour ever seen is not unusual, but I believe this is the correct stage to address it all together. The reality is that what I am doing is work and not my personal or social life – the work is aimed at making the public more comfortable, so the risk I took was that if I were to avoid the underworld languages that the Public is accustomed to, as conditions got more difficult, they would assume that those languages had been normalised. I have no idea why these characters set about building me a life on media which suggested it is how I communicate and how I behaved generally, while the reasons they do it can be easily explained away as something of women being disrespectful; here I get told that I am relaxed about it all naturally while I am not, I simply fail to see what the exact purpose, value and use for women who love to disrespect and abuse me were, hence it’s impossible to locate a mode of response for it. Then again on the more serious aspects, when people get involved with an arrangement that concerned reading material, they ought to read and not set about punishing a writer for the work he created on account they had media presence while their stupidities found it useful, they are not really as important as they believe themselves to be as such. As for the case of the idea that I will never get away with what I have done, I am not aware of having done anything that I cannot get away with around here – their popularity culture is a mess because it does not go any higher when people show up at University and yet the sole purpose I dropped out was their interest in me when they were popular and needed to be even more popular, hence the reasons I have taken up 13 years of my time but been unable to complete the academic work, since even studying on the internet is a main concern of theirs to boost the stupid popularity. They are not half the threat to me that they believe they were – just one of three section of idiots who cannot stop making a mess of other people’s lives and generally think that they were entitled to being popular and others ought to live in fear of the sense they were entitled to peoples incomes as well – the society idiots, the bully celebrities and they would be daddy character middle management fools with stupid children that want to play with my livelihood being a real pain in the backside – there is every indication to deter, that if they started another test for me, I was always likely to get worse for them; normal people would see such reality as a warning. So the fact they need be aware of is a reality where I am an Arch Prince, I do nothing about them most of the time because their popularity stupidities, its need to wreck my career and academic work, hang around the work place with Office block office window office space insults, that show how worse off those who criticised the immoral people and the homosexuals had become, is usually very hard on the Celebrity bullies, hence the smell issues they speak of all the time, which is what normalcy looks like and if I end up in a violent situation because of it, I will have gained my motivation to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well. They claim I don’t really disapprove of popularity, just when it hurts me and it’s been hurting me every day for 19 years, hence I have ample reasons to approve of it when their brains had gone on a holiday – the truth of it is that it is the one last resort of the wickedness that suggests others can be handled and used as tools and items when they wanted to make money and the Politicians will be keen to stop me and stop me and stop me until it becomes a public illness that they had shown interest in me, then hang about government buildings expressing the various colours of their incompetence and showing they were completely incapable of finding a solution for the immoral democracy that plagues them.

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It is now said that I have spent my usefulness and it is utter nonsense naturally as it appears people always have to detach themselves from the main population at a particular persons expense, hang around somewhere deciding that the Government must treat them in a privileged manner, building up workload for administrative authority, make themselves into the one thing since others left school over relationships that need be established for work, employment, career and business purposes, then complain about others being specifically responsible for the consequences, especially the victims they have been targeting for daring to own something they didn’t the entire time. They always have to show up with this case around feminism where a bunch of women have spent so much time passing abusive insults at me, that it was now possible to build a crowd with a media presence and get that crowd forcing me to allow them do what they wanted with my income margins, which then become a fight for survival either due to the fact I cared about them or the fact I wanted to move them on and out, while their feelings about the way they ought to share my earnings becomes that which a handful of scum in American Government buildings can enforce around here with a big mouth. When we see it develop into this case that suggested I had spent my usefulness, there is a sense that it is all a big joke for all the distress and suffering it causes me, bearing in mind that it will not stop if I hadn’t done a thing physically about it, I am therefore about to begin a process of shutting it down altogether too. The Men are a completely different story but the pattern is much the same i.e. it will complain endlessly about others living the way that it lived, build communities that will get imagination around peoples private parts for the same reasons the women who can never stop telling lies as described above do but it has not yet developed into something of me feeling like I am being beaten down, even though the features that help to build that stupid crowd that bend me to their will had nothing to do with either truth or reality, just like the women, if it did, I would begin a process of shutting their own down as well, considering the way white people trash my career to fight Muslims and muslims were the best at nepotism, handling others without permission and building communities that get imagination up my anus obviously. It is however developing into something of an issue with the insolence at this stage and we are about to enter a phase where disrespect towards my person, social life and writing career will bear serious consequences that eventually gave rise to an outcome where they found I had some money their stupidities would show respect for as it were – for the time being it’s the same pattern of being a bunch of idiots telling me that when I described them as utter fools each time they made a mess of my social life and career, since their word was law, I was to desist from doing so and bear in mind I will face consequences – the same stupid pattern of being convinced it was possible to invent anything no matter how stupid and set about inserting it into my career and social life, like the men show up here to put themselves in charge when they hadn’t a clue what they were doing, spending most of my time, punishing me for work I had already done – the same stupid pattern where anything I do with myself had to be spent on others after the lies they tell of the way their laziness will make use of what I had earned because I was using the Country that belonged to everybody to accomplish it, which then clashes with a process of being made to understand I am to go to the Monarchy to get money while they spent it on themselves and resulted in a future that was to be a total destruction of a Hermitage and Trust system and it is developing into a certain outcome where I had a certain behaviour towards their bank balance as well; the big one was the part where I dropped out of University, the one that will decide how I respond will be the attitude towards my Bookshop and trust system all together as it were. They claim my Books are responsible for riling people while it isn’t as it were – what riles them is the way that I respond to the destruction of my University studies, following me around for what I was thinking and now a process of chasing me about to ensure I spent time in the company of a handful of gits that had given up on life and need to ensure they got what others got for the money they had and are determined that my personality and social life was the way to do it, I really have no idea how many they think must die for them to stop doing this all together but not that I cared if their brains had taken a walk either. They do always have to do this and it is never about to result in an outcome where I made decisions on what was right and wrong with respect to the feminists and the women, while I made one on the insults thrown towards my career and finances where the men were concerned as it were. It turns out like this every time – first my career is trashed and all I had to do to recover it will offer improvements for access to a foolish media presence and then what has built a crowd that will make me do as they please was not linked to truth or reality in anyway and the consequences of spending time on me instead of their careers was that if they stopped handling me there will be destitution of unimaginable proportions, while they became convinced I was afraid that my Public service would produce such an outcome, while I had completely lost all freedom to run a Hermitage the way I felt would help me support government and central banking system on the reasons money was created, bearing in mind it produced such a problem when their stupidities got involved, any attempt apparently courts the interest of their popularity stupidities that will set about making sure the bad the financially worse conditions remained a permanent feature, as stupidly as possible, then act as though their foolish word was law each time they messed with my career and they would decide how I described it. they make those statements that they want to be free and in control and that they were not inferior to me – the first time round was that case where a country that existed in their heads would materialise in reality when they were allowed to express how superior to me they were and it didn’t end well, now it’s the part where I could really do without somebody stealing my information to go somewhere and pay a price for it, then show up on Media to tell me about power, government and the position they deserved to be in, spending less time with their own careers and pillaging my income margins to keep it going and I believe I have set it out clearly here, that when I am forced to make that statement again about the fact they can express themselves if they got rid of the Crowd that is built up entirely from the lies they tell, it will come with a warning. They do this all day and when they see my stress levels had gone through the roof, we find them do it again and again and again – the freedom they speak of involved their civil and criminal disobedience being a process of building up practical jokes they may get off their own careers to play on other people’s careers, when they had done enough damage which gives them the ability to oppress people, looking now as though I am afraid of my public service producing an outcome where they faced consequences for abandoning their careers to spend their time on me and again still I could really do without it for engaging in equity broker with multinational companies. The crowd and the lies therefore set to be the reasons I became an impediment to their self-expressions.